Update: Newsletter Changes


A quick update.

First, I want to thank every visitor here. It’s been incredibly encouraging to see the number of newsletter subscribers and Twitter followers climb.

I’ve plans to streamline on the site to make things easier for everyone. The first change is with the email newsletter.

So, if you prefer receiving the weekly articles in your email inbox to read at your leisure, please resubscribe here to continue receiving the free weekly newsletter.

I’ve switched to MailChimp because it looks slicker. It’s also easier for you to manage. There are less hoops to jump through.

I’ll be switching over completely on February 1st. At that time I’ll turn off the old Feedburner email newsletter.

You can also subscribe on sidebar. There’s also the envelope button in the black title bar, on the right.

Other ways of staying in touch

I have decided to commit to publishing each Wednesday. So, you can visit by simply browsing to jetstreaming.org.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed. When you add the RSS feed to your browser or RSS reader, you’ll automatically be told when there’s a new article. More on how RSS works here at Wikipedia.

You can follow me on Twitter to see new articles as I announce them. I also post about field recording-related articles, posts, gear, etc.

Also don’t hesitate to write me. You can email me directly. Let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see, or any questions you may have. Feedback also is always appreciated.

Thanks! I’ve got more great things coming up in the new year.

Have a great holiday.