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Stack of gear

I am a minimalist field recordist.

I travel across the globe recording cool, rare sound effects that transport the listener from their studio to places like bustling markets in France, South African villages and soothing seasides. It’s like a vacation in your headphones.

I am also an aspiring minimalist – I live and work with just a few (though excellent) things which allows me to live and record from anywhere.

I have lived and recorded sound in Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Bordeaux, France. Sometimes I stay for a year, other times for a few months. I stay as long as I like and then move on, recording the voices of each place as I go.

So far I have traveled across the United States, Canada and Europe this way. I plan to record sound on all seven continents and share them with you.

My writing here will describe my journeys capturing sound effects, experiments in field recording and experiences sharing these sounds with clients and friends in film, TV, and multimedia. There’s likely bound to be some posts on the nature of sound effects on the Internet, and how the world of sound in e-commerce.

I hope you enjoy it!

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