SoundCloud Sound Effects Group List

SoundCloud is the world’s most popular sound sharing website. Field recordists and sound designers have created dozens of groups catered to the style, practice, and collection of sound clips.

Read more in an article I wrote about SoundCloud sound sharing groups, last year.

Field Recording Groups

These groups target recordists who capture sound effects beyond the studio.

  • Field recordings. “Anything and everything recorded around the globe.” Massive repository of field recordings with over 2,500 members.
  • Field Documentary Recordings. I like the concept of this one. It suggests uploading only unmodified recordings. That means you’ll focus more on the act of recording than wrestling with tracks in the edit suite.
  • Field recordings. A second field recording group that aims to share field recordings that do not include music. As the tag line puts it: “just listen to the reality.”
  • World Listening Project. You may have heard of The World Listening Project. They describe the group as “ devoted to understanding the world and its natural environment, societies and cultures through the practices of listening and field recording.” I like its emphasis on documenting cultural expression through sound effects.

Style Groups

These groups collect field recordings gathered only in a certain style, or with a specific technique.

  • Field Sounds. Recordings made only on portable recorders and mobile phones.
  • Binaural Recording. Accepts only untouched binaural recordings.
  • Stealth recordings. A group dedicated to the art of stealth field recording. This moderated group aims to capture immersive sound clips by recording unobtrusively.

Sound Design Groups

The sound design groups are all quite large. Each group collects thousands of freaky sound effects, some with a musical origin, others that are purely the product of samplers or twisted effects.

  • Sound Designs & Soundscapes. “The manipulation of audio elements to achieve a desired effect.” There’s a cool short essay on sound design in the group’s sidebar.
  • Experimental Soundscapes. Devoted to experimental, drone, and ambient sound.
  • Soundscapes. Predominantly music-based tracks: “experimental sound or combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment.” I like this group’s approach to focusing on immersive sound effects.
  • Sound Design. Another sound design group with a twist: music is excluded. This is designed to share tracks that are based purely from fx.

Sharing Groups