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I believe that field recording becomes stronger as ideas are expressed, practiced, and shared.

Explore these websites to learn about sound, and exchange ideas with other field recordists.

Have I overlooked your blog? Maybe I missed one of your favourite reads. Please let me know! Send me your links, and a description. I would be happy to add your field recording blog.

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Field Recording Blogs

Name Twitter SoundCloud RSS Description
A Sound Effect Twitter RSS A blog dedicated to listing and discussing independent sound libraries.
Airborne Sound Twitter SoundCloud RSS My sound library blog. I write about the libraries I’ve released, as well as mastering tips, and gear reviews.
AL Audio Twitter SoundCloud Andrew Lewis’s blog features various field recording subjects and explorations.
AudioDays SoundCloud RSS AudioDays presents dozens of designed sounds and textures from recordist RIchard Fair's experiments.
Avosound Twitter SoundCloud Guido Helbling travels through the world, recording new sounds in stereo and 5.1. Also sells sound libraries, online sound effects, and is a Soundminer support partner.
Azimuth Audio Twitter SoundCloud RSS Toronto editor Timothy Muirhead shares his ambitious and creative field recording sessions.
Binaural Diaries Twitter SoundCloud RSS Binaural soundscapes by field recordist Ollie Hall, ranging from clips from the UK, to Amsterdam, and Japan.
Bivouac Recording Twitter SoundCloud RSS Bivouac Recording is a field recording label based in Shanghai, China since 2009. We focus on releasing socially-relevant albums that build awareness or document humanity using sound.
Chuck Russom Twitter SoundCloud RSS Field recordist and indie sound library owner Chuck Russom blogs about his recordings.
Dan McComb Twitter RSS McComb is a Seattle-based documentary filmmaker who posts about his craft, as well as sound-related gear.
Diane Hope Twitter SoundCloud Diane Hope is a former environmental scientist who records location sound, and creates audio for museums and posts. She also hosts a solstice recordings gathered from field recordists worldwide.
Dynamic Interference Twitter SoundCloud RSS Shaun Farley’s blog explores sound with a particular focus on picture.
Eric Mooney SoundCloud RSS Eric Mooney blogs about pursuing innovative sounds, informed with a history in music.
Field Art Twitter SoundCloud The field recording blog of Andreas Usenbenz.
Field Sepulchra Twitter SoundCloud RSS Field recordist Michael Raphael is always exploring cool sound effects. Learn more on his blog.
Hz and Bits Twitter SoundCloud RSS Christian Hagelskjaer From’s blog about sound design and sound libraries.
Ian Palmer’s Post Production Blog Twitter RSS Ian Palmer shares thoughts on Pro Tools and sound design.
Jean-Edouard Miclot Twitter SoundCloud RSS Jean-Edouard Miclot writes about field recording, sound effects, software, and sound design.
Jez Riley French Twitter SoundCloud Field recordings with a compelling exploration of place.
London Sound Survey Twitter SoundCloud Posts about field recording, and audio (past and present) of London, England.
Martin Pinsonnault SoundCloud RSS Martin is a sound designer and supervising sound editor based out of Montréal, Canada. He writes about collecting sound, production sound, and sound libraries.
Miguel Isaza Twitter SoundCloud RSS Miguel Isaza’s creative explorations of field recording and sound design.
Nature Sounds of New Zealand Twitter SoundCloud Nature Sounds of New Zealand is the brainchild of Grant Finlay, a field sound recordist with a passion for cataloging the biophany and geophany of a location at a given point in time.
Noise Jockey Twitter SoundCloud RSS Nathan Moody’s “multi-disciplinary designer’s journey in field recording, sound design, sound effects, and music.” Thoughtful explorations of sound.
Out Recording Twitter RSS Ambisonic field recordings in Taiwan with Glenn Panozzo Jr.
Rick Blything Twitter SoundCloud RSS Rick Blything blog features field recordings from exotic locations.
Sonic Salute Blog Twitter SoundCloud RSS Mikkel Nielsen’s blog exploring field recordings and his sound libraries.
Sonicskepsi Twitter SoundCloud RSS Michael Maroussas writes about dialogue and ADR editing, and his popular Sound Collector’s Club.
Sound + Design Twitter RSS Social Sound Design/Stack Exchange founder Andrew Spitz shares his thoughts on sound design, experiments, and news.
Sound Explorer Twitter SoundCloud RSS The adventures of capturing sounds around the world, the personal journal of Stephane Fufa Dufour.
Sound Mind Blog Twitter SoundCloud RSS Michal Fojcik’s blog about field recording, sound editing, designing, and mixing.
Sound of Essen RSS Field recordings and experiences from Nils Mosh of Essen, Germany
Sound Related Twitter RSS A blog by Joseph Dutaillis, Sydney based audio engineer, sound designer and location recordist.
Soundlandscapes Blog Twitter RSS A blog with a very narrow field recording focus: sound effects from Paris, France. Carefully considered explorations of the connection of sound and place.
Soundscape Ecology SoundCloud RSS A blog documenting the work of Stephan Marche with sounds inspired by the recordings by Bernie Krause, R. Murray Schafer, and Gordon Hempton. Says Marche, the blog “features found sounds and field recordings I constantly gather during my numerous trips through rural environments, noisy cities and undiscovered places.”
Stosh Tuszynski Twitter SoundCloud RSS The audio explorations of Stosh Tuszynski.
Tamas Dragon Twitter SoundCloud RSS Tamas Dragon is a Hungarian sound engineer. His posts explore Pro Tools, field recording, and more.
The Fade In Twitter SoundCloud Alexandre Saba’s exploration of field recording. A great mixed bag with lots of audio samples.
The Music of Sound Twitter SoundCloud RSS Sound editor and popular indie field recordist Tim Prebble shares is thoughs on field recording.
The Noise of Norway Twitter SoundCloud RSS Thomas Alf’s field recording explorations.
The Recordist Twitter SoundCloud RSS Field recordist Frank Bry shares his explorations recording sound effects for his indie sound libraries.
The Sound Design Process Twitter SoundCloud RSS Field recordist and sound designer Melissa Pons’s explorations of recording, editing, and creativity.
The Sound My Head Makes Twitter SoundCloud RSS Field recordist Rene Coronado posts about recording, microphones, and experimentation in audio.
The Wild Blog Twitter RSS Bernie Krause’s blog about recording and preserving the sound of the wild.
Thinking Sound RSS Thoughts and questions about sound.
Varun Nair Twitter SoundCloud Contributing editor of Designing Sound, Varun Nair shares his thoughts on sound, design, media, interactivity, and technology.
Visionary Sound Twitter Explorations of sound design, dialogue editing, mixing, and their sound libraries.
Wild Mountain Echoes SoundCloud RSS Incredible wildlife field recordings by Christine Hass. The sound effects are accompanied by fascinating blog posts about the coyotes, birds, and frogs she captures. Says Hass, “I hope the sounds and stories evoke memories and awareness, so that there will always be quiet, wild places.”
World Sounds SoundCloud RSS A site of worldwide field recordings captured by Colin Hunter. Evocative sound effects from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, paired with images and maps. Hunter states: “Behind every recording there is always a story. Accompanying each sound I post is some background on where the recording was made and what it means to me, the recordist.”

Game Audio Blogs

Sound Forums

  • Audible Worlds (Twitter, RSS) – A forum dedicated to the art of audio creation.
  • Audio Pro Network (Twitter) – a vetted community that discusses gear, software, and services.
  • Designing Sound Exchange – A forum with questions and answers about sound design and field recording. Users vote on the best answers.
  • Gearslutz (RSS) – A forum for gearheads. Includes a post-production section with info about sound libraries.
  • Hydrogen Audio (RSS) – “The audio technology enthusiast’s resource.” An audio forum featuring discussions on file formats, codecs and hardware.
  • JW Sound (RSS) – A forum that focuses on discussions of production sound.
  • Pro Tools Expert (Twitter, RSS) – Massive site exploring all things Pro Tools.
  • Sound Design Stack Exchange (Twitter, RSS) – A forum with thousands of questions about sound design and field recording. A good, helpful group.

Sound Group Lists and Clubs

Sound Design and Field Recording News Sites

  • The Audio Spotlight (Twitter, RSS) – a website featuring game audio, film sound, and sound library news.
  • Creating Sound (Twitter, RSS) – A news site featuring interviews and sound design resources.
  • Designing Sound (Twitter, RSS) – The premier sound design source on the Web. Includes news, reviews, and videos.
  • Everything Sounds (Twitter, RSS, Soundcloud) – This site hosts regular posts about all things audio, including both sound effects and music. A wide range of topics.
  • Field Recording (Twitter, RSS,) – German-language news website focused on field recording.
  • LA Sound Group (Twitter) – the group meets in Santa Monica, California to listen to pros talk about sound mixing, field recording, production sound, and audio editing. Watch videos of past talks.
  • Sonic Field (Twitter, RSS) – The sister site to Designing Sound, with a particular focus on field recording. Formerly known as Sonic Terrain.
  • Soundesign (Twitter, RSS) – Hefty sound design website with regular articles and frequent, fresh, tweets.
  • SoundWorks Collection (Twitter, RSS) – Videos about high profile sound design projects. Very well produced.
  • Tonebenders (Twitter, RSS) – A podcast for sound pros, by sound pros. Features interviews, and thoughtful explorations of field recording and sound design. High quality, with interesting discussions.

Pro Audio Reddit Subreddits

  • /r/fieldrecording. Members share field recordings, and post articles about capturing sound effects beyond the studio.
  • /r/sounddesign. Tips, tricks, and suggestions for twisting audio. Many posts that share methods for achieving tricky processing.
  • /r/audiopost. Discussions about a wide variety of post-production topics for music, game audio, film, and more.
  • /r/protools. A sub focused on Avid’s editing app. Discussions about various releases, and troubleshooting tips.
  • /r/gameaudio. This sub explores the craft of creating sound for video games, including sound design questions, and middleware discussions.
  • /r/locationsound. Focused on production sound questions and articles.
  • /r/sfxlibraries. An exploration of sound fx collections and sound publishers.