Community Sound FX Libraries

Community Sound Effects Libraries

There are dozens of talented sound designers and field recordists worldwide. They’re working in game audio, film sound, theatre productions, and television. They spend dozens of hours sculpting sound libraries for their projects, and for the community, too. Their work is spread widely across the globe, and tucked in corners of the Internet. How do you find them?

Below is a list of shops where you can find their work on the Web. The list focuses on non-corporate sound collections shared by community sound pros. In most cases these are solo field recordists and sound designers actively capturing and creating sound fx, and blogging about their work.

Is there a sound effects library you’d like to see on this list? Please email me. I’d be happy to add it.

Independent Sound Libraries

These Web shops are run by practicing sound artists, nature recordists, sound designers, and field recordists. They offer sound effect bundles that gather dozens of sound effects into one downloadable package.

Website Description
3MAZE A sound library with music and sound effect collections, featuring kitchen, impact, and swoosh bundles.
99 Sounds A collection of free sound fx packs, featuring sound design, warehouse, and weather samples.
Affordable Audio 4 Everyone Sound design collections with a pay-what-you-can price scheme.
Airborne Sound My sound library on the Web. Features high-performance vehicle recordings: a steam train, race cars, a Victory Vegas motorcycle, and jet fighters, with more coming soon.
AL Audio Jets and airplanes captured from the Bournemouth Air Festival August 2011.
Alien Imaging Library collections of Radio Promos, Sweepers, and bits from San Francisco Radio pro, Jeff Schmidt
AntiSample A Web shop that offers a mix of virtual instruments and sound effects packages.
Arrowhead Audio Fred Pearson's libraries, including Foley collections, Australian trains, and some nature clips.
AuralScope A slick website with a pay-what-you-like model. A mix of single downloads and packs in Foley, ambience, traffic, as well as a blender package.
AvoSound This Web shop features recordings captured in both stereo and 5.1.
Ben Costerton A collection of sound effects made for a variety of film, TV, and video game projects.
Bluezone Corporation A website that offers a mix of DJ tools, samples, and sound effects.
Bonson A Web shop formed by a collective on independent sound designers. Their first offering are a collection of wing sounds, and hockey reactions.
Boom Library A widespread library of sound effects collections, with a few music offerings, too. Sound packs include in-demand themes such as guns, horses, cars, and wildcats.
Bottle Rocket FX 5 collections, with three focusing on drone textures.
Brandon Seyboth Audio Raw sound design material with little-to-no processing.
C.A. Sound, Inc. Collections from feature film recordist Coll Anderson. Includes some interesting animal libraries, as well as gore and household effects.
Carlo Ascrizzi and Aditya J Yadav A sound library featuring Race Care Essentials.
Chuck Russom FX Game audio sound designer Chuck Russom offers a variety of bundles, including servos, skateboards, dogs, and sound design.
Collected Transients Collected Transients are boutique sound effects libraries by Stosh Tuszynski, a sound designer based in Chicago, IL.
Debsound A Web shop from Hungarian sound designer Ilyés József, featuring Rally Car Packs, monsters, and science fiction packs.
Depth of Sound Water, paper, and Norwegian sound clips, captured by André Klar.
Detunized Collections with an emphasis on sound design, created by Stephan Marche.
Dynamic Interference Shaun Farley's sound fx Web shop. His first offering is a mammoth clothing library. Others include ambiences, gun foley, and mechanical recordings.
echo | collective Intriguing collections: Forgotten Zither, Motion Textures, Antique Accordion, as well as some machinery such as typewriters, adding machine, and Protectograph. Provided by the crew of Dallas Audio Post, which includes community blogger Rene Coronado.
echo | collective: fields The sister site to Echo Collective, featuring hockey, hospital, and helicopter collections.
EFX Sound Featuring a variety of gun and rifle collections. Each gun is offered as its own pack. Includes AR15, AK47, blackpower rifles, and others.
Eiravaein Works Sound libraries focusing on innovative perspectives or unique sound sources.
Epic Stock Media We create hybrid sound libraries, Cohesive audio design services, Giving sound designers the sounds they need to make a their product great!
Film Sound Effects A collection of sound libraries converted and remastered from legacy DAT recordings.
Foley Collection Dozens of Foley recordings ranging from footsteps, canned laughter, and clothing. Also offers multi-pack bundles that gather clips with a common theme.
Frontier Sound FX Featuring car horns, glassware Foley, whooshes, and space ship recordings.
Game Audio Factory A multi-national game audio company, this Web shop hosts geyser, Foley, and crowd collections.
Get Sound Effects A large mix of focused mechanical and Foley-based libraries including apple, corn, slot machine, thunder collections, and more.
Glitchedtones Glitchedtones provides sample packs with an emphasis on the experimental.
Glitchmachines A collective of sound designers and musicians from France and the US offer sound effect and music packs.
Hart FX Colin Hart's two sound libraries feature racing and a massive power tool collection.
Haunted House Records A variety of creepy sound packs: evil soundscapes, sound packs, and some music downloads.
HISS and a ROAR New Zealander Tim Prebble's collections feature Foley recordings, some captured with unconventional microphone techniques. There are also collections of animals, waves, and weather.
Hzandbits Sound Effects Christian Hagelskjaer From offers sound design and music collections, including a modern cash register, drum loops, and cylindrical gong packs.
Immersive FX John Leonard's pristine collections: Voice of Poseidon, and Sounds of Flight, Steam Train, and more.
Jack Powell Sound designer Jack Powell's Web shop includes two sound libraries: Off Road Car Passes, and Pony Vox.
Jakob Thiesen Sound Design Jakob Thiesen is a Toronto, independent sound designer with over a decade of experience in film, television and documentary.
Jordan Fehr FX A game audio sound designer, Fehr offers engine, button, wood, and porcelain destruction packs.
Kpow Audio Sound libraries focusing on Foley and sound design: interface fx, toots, squeaks, and sproings.
Lesser Vibes Music composer and audio editor Sergey Eybog offers a collection of Russian ambiences.
Library Sound A collective of sound designers that create bundles that focus on "high quality, affordability and reasonable size."
Luftrausch An sound library based in Austria with an affinity for creating and designing atmosphere field recordings.
Martin Pinsonnault A good mix of Foley, high-performance engines, trains, and more. Offers discounted multi-pack bundles.
Mattia Cellotto Libraries from Mattia Cellotto, a sound designer with a passion for games and experimenting with anything that has a voice.
Mechanical Wave A Web shop of Foley, rock, ambience, and science fiction bundles, courtesy of Sound Desginers from Quebec, Canada.
MIndful Audio A Web shop by sound designer George Vlad that focuses on "expanding sonic awareness, listening closely to sounds otherwise ignored, using alternative microphones and recording techniques, or simply paying closer attention to our sonic surroundings."
ModeAudio A Web shop that features field recording, music, and sample sound bundles.
Moon Echo Audio A website offering sound libraries such as Wild Montana Winter and Shadowscapes.
New Sound Lab A dozen collections from Los Angeles sound designer Tor Johnson. Ranges from cars, nature, Foley, and some cool optical and hard drive sound clip packages.
Noise Creations A new sound library which offers UI and interaction and glass sound fx libraries.
Norsonant The sound collections of field recordist Thomas Alf Homemo. His first library features the sounds of Oslo
Pole Position Production A collection of extensive vehicle recordings, boats, and military vehicles.
Quiet Planet Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton’s nature sound effects libraries.
Rabbit Ears Audio Michael Raphael's website offers rare sounds effects, such as jet turbines, a Hind helicopter, military vehicles, among others.
RDGsoundFX Sound designer and recordist Russell Gorsky offers sound design, Foley, and some atmosphere packages.
Red Libraries Field recordists and sound designers. AAA video games and films for 20+ years.Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Watch dogs. Creators of Cyberstorm, Future weapons, Deep impact libraries.
Rocksure Soundz A Web shop featuring 20 sound collections ranging from trucks, sound design, animals, and more.
RS Audio Ambiences and vehicles from the United Kingdom.
SampleTraxx SampleTraxx's first sound library features sound design elements.
Samuel Justice Justice is a game audio sound designer who offers packages of ambience, storms, and a free camera package.
Satsuma Audio Featuring a library of board game sound effects Foley.
ShapingWaves Collections from German sound designer David Kamp, including designed robot character voices, 8-bit game sounds, quadcopter engine recordings, and airport and airplane ambience libraries.
SkewSound A collective of musicians and sound designers that offer both music and sound effect collections.
Sonic Salute Mikkel Nielsen’s web shop with around a dozen packages. The factory machinery, pigs, shipyard, and analog camera collections are highlights.
SoniK Sound Library SoniK Sound Library is a Spanish based company specialized in high quality sound recordings, editing & synthesizing for cinematic purposes.
Sound Ex Machina An independent studio that produces Foley libraries, including kitchen, basketball, and water sounds libraries.
Sound of Italy This website is a collection of typical Italian sound effects including Italian engines, ambiences, people, sports, rail, folk music, and other sound categories.
SoundBits This sound library features sound design collections including gore, whoosh, and computer packages.
SoundFuse Dutch sound designer Giel van Geloven presents three packages: Household, Dogs, Camera sound clip bundles.
SoundFXWizard Sound libraries from Giorgio Riolo focusing on authenticity and quality, featuring a room tone collection.
Soundholder Soundholder's goal is to deliver high quality sounds for game developers, sound designers and people involved in any kind of work where sound matters.
Soundiron A virtual instrument Web store with some sound effects offerings: streetcars, rifles, and horror sounds.
SoundMorph A variety of sound design collections provided by a collective of designers from San Francisco and Montréal.
Soundopolis Sound designer David Fienup offers a mix of clips, including human, gore, construction, and water collections.
Spectral Vibrations Graham Donnelly’s sound recordings. Features low-cost libraries, embedded with metadata.
Spheric Collection This website hosts a variety of sound packages, including winds, ventilation, horror, crowds, and cities.
Still North Sound FX A collection of free feature film sound effect libraries.
Surround Sound Library Sound design libraries specifically created to take advantage of the surround format.
Takoma Media Highlights include Machine Guns, Race Cars, and Motorcycle Rally libraries.
The Library by Empty Sea The sound design collections of Mark Camperell and his team, based out of Los Angeles. Huge collections with thousands of takes.
The Noise Bureau Sound libraries for professionals working in the creative arts.
The Recordist Frank Bry shares dozens of highly-polished sound libraries. Fans count his gun recordings as favourites. Also many “building block” libraries: rocks, wind, snow, dirt, and more.
The Sound Farmer Field recordings captured by Gregory Ovenden, including wildlife and Ugandan atmospheres, available by donation.
The Sound Keeper The Sound Keeper is an award-winning sound designer with over 10 years experience, and want to share their work with everyone
The Soundcatcher Andreas Usenbenz hosts a half dozen sounds libraries, featuring a print shop, and destruction in an abandoned school.
Thomas Jackson Sound Design American sound designer Thomas Jackson specializes in crafting and designing sound for visual media, with the intent to tell a story.
Tonal Gurus This shop believes “all visual media creators have the right to use great sound in their productions,” and have supplied sound design libraries to help.
Tone Manufacture The sound shop of Londoner Michael F. Bates, featuring sample and sound effect libraries.
Tonsturm A shop with wide range of sound effects, including electricity, Morocco, and fight sound effects, and more.
Tovusound Sound libraries from German recordist Tobias Vukadinovic and company, including Indian ambience and German atmospheres.
Triune Sound A huge collection of weapons: handguns, rifles, full auto, and more.
TS Sound TS Sound features the work of Tommy Sarioglou, an American sound designer and field recordist who specializes in sound effects.
Twisted Tools This sound design collective has been producing cool sample libraries since 2010. Collections include a mix of robotic, glitchy sound design and field recordings. Formatted as preset kits for popular samplers.
Undertone Sound Library Undertone Music Inc. is a full service original music and audio post facility in Minneapolis. We'd like to share our custom sounds with you!
Unidentified Sound Object As the name would lead you to believe, this library offers bizzare and designed sound effects, drones, and clips.
Visionary Sound This UK collective of sound designers offers Foley, water, and city collections, as well as some free packs, too.
Watson Wu The sound collection of composer, sound designer, and field recordist Watson Wu. Includes ambiences, urban sounds, vehicles, and weapons.
Wild Mountain Echoes Featuring the wildlife field recordings of Christine Hass.
Wraughk FX Right now this site features a single pack: Fireballs.

Sound Sourcing Services

Not e-commerce sites per se, since they don’t have a cart or checkout. Instead, they offer custom sound effects sourcing consultation.

Indie Sound FX Website Portals

There are a few websites that gather independent sound libraries from many creators all in one place. You can find sound libraries with keyword searches there, and audition preview montages right on their sites.

  • A Sound Effect – This site distributes a curated list of indie sound libraries. Also includes a prolific blog about sound libraries.
  • Sonniss – A distribution website created by Visionary Sound field recordist Timothy McHugh. It collects dozens of libraries with an attractive layout.
  • Wild Track Library – a sound bundle portal from Spain featuring many familiar libraries, as well as collections from Spanish recordists not found elsewhere.