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A brief update: I’ve created a page for Creative Field Recording on Facebook. Most of the posts will be mirrored from the site or from on Twitter. However, if you’d prefer to follow me on Facebook, you’re now able to. Follow and Like Creative Field Recording on Facebook.

I have also created a dedicated YouTube channel for Creative Field Recording. Right now it has a few screencasts from past articles. I’d like to post more video content on the site. So, follow Creative Field Recording on YouTube to learn about future videos. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials, location videos, and more.

You can also follow me on Twitter, SoundCloud, or connect via LinkedIn.

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap is now available via Kindle Matchbook. This means if you bought the print version of the book from Amazon, you can now download a matching digital copy free of charge.

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Earlier this month I hosted a 50%-off sale over on Airborne Sound. That’s a sale I host once a year with discounts on every sound library there.

This week I reflected: why not share the spirit here on Creative Field Recording, too? So, for the next 48 hours, everything in the bookstore is on sale. Use the discount code SUNLIGHT to save 50% all books, including combo pack bundles.

Please note the sale is now over.

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Year Four- A Retrospective

I woke up one day just over four years ago this month and realized that I had been unemployed for half a year. The previous version of my sound effects website that I had launched the summer before was on life support, discouragingly underpowered for the technology it was using. Worse, I was uninspired. I hadn’t recorded a single shred of sound for ages.

Early 2011 also coinincided with a brief but active surge of minimalism bloggers elsewhere on the Internet. Those blogs have since faded away. However, they conveyed a message that had an immense impact on me Continue Reading…

Price Pie Chart

A few weeks ago, I announced a new community sound effects tool called Sound Effects Search. It’s a search engine for independent sound libraries.

The website launch gave me some insight into independent sound library collections. I’ll share those thoughts in this “post-mortem” post, and also include a few resources for fans of indie sound bundles and also for sound library publishers, too.

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The Southern Milky Way Above ALMA

It’s fantastic to see that the last year has experienced an explosion of new field recording content. We’re seeing more sound fx libraries are appearing in indie Web shops, more clips on SoundCloud, valuable ideas in podcasts, blog articles, and more.

Our field recording community remains fairly spread out, however. Earlier I had created three pages here on the site to keep track of all of these websites:

Thank you to everyone who has sent me links to share with others.

Check out those pages to find new blogs, listen to sound fx libraries, and connect with others on SoundCloud.

Submitting Websites to the Lists

Things are evolving so quickly that it’s hard to catch every new site that launches. This week I created a new page to help.

Want to list your website here? Do you have a favourite blog you’d like to share? Have I missed a cool site you’ve discovered?

Send me your websites on the new field recording community website submission form page. That form just makes it a bit easier to send me your Web shops, SoundCloud groups, or field recording news sites. That means it will appear on the site faster.

Submit a site there to share it with the rest of the community.

To stay in touch, receive free updates by email newsletter or RSS feed.  |  Follow on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud.

Creative Field Recording

A couple of months ago I gave the blog here a fresh coat of paint. Today I’ve made another change. I’ve renamed the blog. I had wanted to refresh the website name and address for quite some time. Last week I finally got this done.

The blog is now called Creative Field Recording. Why change?

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Airborne Sound Logo

Those of you who follow my other blog on the Airborne Sound website already know some exciting news: I’ve relaunched the sound effects store there.

To celebrate, I’m offering over 3 GB of free pro sound effects.

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A quick post with a few changes here on the site.


You’ll notice I’ve applied a new look to the site:

  • Crisper design. Larger sans-serif font. Generally cleaner.
  • It’s responsive. Try resizing the browser window and watch the site automatically reshape. A responsive design is helpful with the growing mobile traffic.
  • Better social icons in the top bar, including a link (finally) to my SoundCloud account (browse for free sound effect downloads there).
  • Redesigned sitemap. Lost? The sitemap is at the base of every page.
  • Redesigned site archives. Browse through older articles.


A few changes on the store in time for the upcoming e-Book launch.

  • Full military-grade 2048-bit SSL encryption on checkout pages.
  • Credit cards now processed directly on the site. No pesky diversions to PayPal, unless you want to pay from your funds.

That’s it for now. More news later.

My upcoming book Selling Creative Sound is coming along quite nicely.

What’s it about? Well, two things, really:

  1. How to assemble a powerful sound effects or music collection using the pinnacle of your craft.
  2. How to share it in the best Web shops on the Internet.

It contains advice, ideas, and tricks I’ve discovered from the fifteen years I’ve spent sharing sound.

Since I last wrote, I’ve added new chapters I’m quite excited about. They are:

  • What a Badass Sound Library Looks (and Sounds) Like
  • How to Name Sounds, including:
    • What Makes a Sound Name Powerful?
    • Two Ways to Name Sound Effects
  • Expanded sections: links to software and helpful websites.
  • Blending Creativity and Commerce
  • Preparing Your Music Tracks, including:
    • Registering Your Tracks
    • Signing With a Publishing Rights Organization
    • Working with Composers and Publishers
  • Common Problems… And How to Avoid Them, including:
    • Fixing Limp Sounds
    • Strengthening Weak Collections
    • Avoiding the Wrong Partners
    • Getting Out Of a Bad Deal
    • Avoiding Over-Saturation
    • Increasing Low Sales
    • Resolving Distributor Disputes

These sections are in addition to the 102 chapters and 44,000 words already completed and polished.

To give you a taste of what I’ve been writing, I’ll be posting chapters pulled directly from the new e-Book, starting this Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Want to learn more about the book? Sign up for the free e-Book newsletter. You’ll receive news and free sample chapters, exclusive to those just on the list.

Update: Selling Creative Sound is now available. Learn more about the e-Book.