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Recording Jet Airliners in the UK


Earlier this month I released the free Jet Fly Bys sound effects library over on Airborne Sound. I explained that I had captured those field recordings when I found myself living beneath the flight path of an international airport.

A reader recently wrote me to tell me he tried the same technique after reading the post here. Chris Procopiou lives near Heathrow Airport outside of London, England. He described his experience recording his own jet airliners in a post on his blog. And here's a bonus: he's offering them to the community free of charge. Check them out!

Read the article on Chris' blog and download the sound library.

A New Giveaway: Discuss Field Recording. Win Prizes


For the entire month of December the Designing Sound news site is offering prizes for asking and answering questions about field recording or sound design on their new forum, Designing Sound Exchange.

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New: A Sound FX Library Sale & Discount Listing Page


A quick update: I’ve added a new page to my independent sound effects library search engine, Sound Effect Search. The page is a community service that lists sound fx sales, discounts, and bundles from indie sound fx library publishers. Just click the links there to visit the Web shop and save on cool sound fx.

Since it’s American Thanksgiving weekend, there are many sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check them out!

I update the list every time I spot a new sale, so you can bookmark the page and check back for new deals. You’re also welcome to follow Sound Effects Search on Twitter, or subscribe to the free email newsletter or RSS feed.

Do you own a Web shop? Launching a sale soon? Add sound fx library discounts and coupon codes.

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The last article introduced a new sound design tool: Sound Particles. That post presented a quick look at the new granular spatialization software, as well as a bonus interview with its creator, professor Nuno Fonseca of Portugal.

That scratched the surface of the new sound design tool. Want to know more? You’re in luck. Continue Reading…

reddit - field recording

I remember the first time I stumbled upon Reddit. I was instantly hooked by the lively banter, range of discourse, comment voting, and the stunning breadth of discussion categories, also known as subreddits.

Reddit is a type of bulletin board system where users can submit and vote on article or comments. It is hugely popular. It is ranked 31 in worldwide search engine traffic. It only stands to reason that sooner or later audio folk would wander into Reddit and begin discussing field recording, sound effects, game audio, and more.

Today’s post explores a few popular areas where you can discuss your love of sound with other pros.

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Update: Sound Effects Search Now with 1000 Libraries, Audio Player

1000 Sound fx libraries

A quick update about one of my other projects, the indie sound library search engine, Sound Effects Search.

Just this week the website added its 1000th sound library. Just under 7 months ago the number was clawing at Continue Reading…

Sound Effects Search Hero Tablet

Last year, I created a new “Community” tab on the website’s menu bar. The first page I announced was a list of field recording blogs. The second listed community Web shops. There’s also a selection of SoundCloud sound effect groups, too.

My hope for those pages was to spread field recording knowledge and share all the excellent sound libraries you’ve created. I believe that all of our work improves when more audio knowledge and better sound surrounds us. I had hoped to contribute a small resource that would give back to the field recording community I’ve enjoyed being a part of.

Many of you wrote to tell me you found those pages useful. So, inspired by that, I’ve released a small, new tool which I also hope will help the sound design and field recording communities: Sound Effects Search.

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Spiral Galaxy Messier 83

I’ve created a new community page here on the site. It’s done in the spirit of the earlier field recording blogs page. This one, instead, lists community sound effect Web shops.

I’d been keeping track of everyone in my browser bookmarks for years. There were so many, it had become a bit out of hand. So, I decided to organize them and list them here on the site so others can use them, too.

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I remember firing my first gun. It was a fully-automatic AK–47.

I was in the desert east of San Diego recording weapons for an HBO show called Generation Kill. The gun was owned by an elite soldier who brought it back from a war in the Middle East.

Previously, I was indifferent to gun recordings. However, as I squeezed the trigger and fired into the empty desert, I instantly understood why so many field recordists specialize in recording gun and rifle sound effects.

It was like holding a controlled explosion in your hands. I was surprised, not at the recoil, but the amount of power from such a simple action of pulling the trigger. It wasn’t only the physical aspects of the kickback and the bullet pounding into a sandy incline, it was the sheer force of sonic expression as well.

In today’s article I’ll share information about these elusive and popular sound clips.

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Spiral galaxy NGC 1232

In a recent blog post, I described my experience lecturing for Edinburgh Napier University.

At the end of the post I shared a thought I had: field recording strengthens when recordists exchange ideas.

I’ll explain more about that today. I’ll also offer one way to accomplish this.

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