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Dark Park

Here are a handful of sound effects articles, websites, tutorials, field recordings, and free sound fx from the last while that I found interesting.

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Subway Stairs

Not working during the holidays? Have some time? Want to read about sound?

I actually look forward to travelling during the holidays. It gives me time to catch up on reading sound effects blogs.

Here are sound-related articles I’ve enjoyed:

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It feels like it has been a busy year here on the blog.

I wanted to share some posts that may interest those who have been visiting only recently.

At the end of every year I write a “roundup” post that collects the best articles from the past year. I also share a few thoughts on them, now that some time has passed since publishing.

I’ll return to writing regular articles in the new year.

Thanks for visiting, writing, and Tweeting the articles!

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I mentioned recently I had planned two books on field recording sound effects. Well, I finished both last week. They’re currently being professionally edited.

As a result I’ve had more time to catch up on blogs and poke into some interesting corners on the Web. Below are links I found.

If you want to learn more about the ebooks, sign up for the free newsletter.

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I’ve missed out reading sound recording blogs for almost two months. I’m catching up on my sound effects reading this week.

I’m only partway through my backlog. Here are some articles I’ve read so far that I’ve enjoyed, and you may as well:

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This post will conclude the 2011 review roundup posts. Next week I have a new field recording report in the works.

On this blog I’ve gradually focused writing about four things:

  • field recording
  • travel, a sense of place and sound
  • selling sound effects
  • creativity and field recording

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Around 1999 I unexpectantly entered the world of e-commerce. I had previously been a sound editor and assistant and occasional yet passionate field recordist for my infant sound effects company Airborne Sound.

By an odd twist of fate I began mastering sound effects for a company that sold sound fx online.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about how to sell sound effects on the Web. I found it fascinating to see how people respond to distributing or sharing sound (for sale or otherwise). It’s also satisfying to use technology to give people creative tools and for them to walk away happy.

This year I started writing about e-commerce and sound clips. I call the series ‘Selling Sound Effects.’ I covered topics like improving your sound effects library, your sound fx website, distribution and mistakes to avoid when selling sound.

Here’s a link roundup of my e-commerce Selling Sound Effects articles:

Any aspect of selling sound effects you’d like to read about in 2012? Let me know in the comments.

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This year I decided to write about field recording sound effects for my website Airborne Sound. I call them ‘Field Reports,’ in the spirit of dispatches from the ‘front.’

I originally wrote them to share tips and tricks I learned during the process. I also wanted to offer recordings for your listening pleasure and get feedback in the process.

In each field report I describe the approach and challenges then provide the results.

In later posts I have jotted down thoughts on the process, lessons I learned and reflections on how field recordings affect the recordist and the listener.

Here are the sound effect field reports from 2011.
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Old Globe

courtesy ToastyKen

I love meshing field recording with travel. Foreign sound effect atmospheres can give a taste of what it’s like to be in places you’d otherwise never experience, like France, Spain or Greece. The best ones can immerse you deep in the environment.

When you add these sound clip ambiences to a map, the immersion becomes deeper. You can virtually walk the streets of other places and hear soundscapes of what it was like to be there.

I’ve travelled quite a bit recording sound fx and I’ve always wanted to create a sound map of my travels. Here is my basic worldwide map of my sound effects. I’m planning something more elaborate for the future.

In the meantime, here’s a list of ‘mashup’ websites that combine maps and sound, called soundmaps. They use geotagging to position field recordings on a map. Some of them include soundwalks, which are field recordings while moving and exploring.

Now, if we could only have sound recorders with GPS geotagging built in…

If I’ve missed any cool soundmaps, please leave a message in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

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