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A New Giveaway: Discuss Field Recording. Win Prizes


For the entire month of December the Designing Sound news site is offering prizes for asking and answering questions about field recording or sound design on their new forum, Designing Sound Exchange.

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reddit - field recording

I remember the first time I stumbled upon Reddit. I was instantly hooked by the lively banter, range of discourse, comment voting, and the stunning breadth of discussion categories, also known as subreddits.

Reddit is a type of bulletin board system where users can submit and vote on article or comments. It is hugely popular. It is ranked 31 in worldwide search engine traffic. It only stands to reason that sooner or later audio folk would wander into Reddit and begin discussing field recording, sound effects, game audio, and more.

Today’s post explores a few popular areas where you can discuss your love of sound with other pros.

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A brief update: I recently added about a dozen new sound clip Web shops to the Community Sound FX Libraries page. It’s a bit more presentable, too.

I revisited the sites while updating the list. It’s a good way to discover what’s out there. As I did so, I noticed that there’s a few perhaps less-well-known sites that have some incredible libraries. There are some real gems buried in there. In particular, there’s a wide selection of guns and cars. There are also new nature recordists with some truly evocative recordings.

It’s also interesting to note that the count is now at 66 independent sound library stores. That’s pretty incredible. Two years ago half of these didn’t exist.

I believe the list is pretty much up to date. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a website. If I have missed your independent Web shop, please contact me via the sound fx library submission page.

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Audible Worlds Banner

Last year, sound forum website Audible Worlds introduced the “Our Ambient World” crowdsourced sound library. Hundreds of field recordists across the globe spent months recording atmospheres characteristic to their homes.

The result? 263 field recordings in almost 40 gigabytes of audio with ambiences from Raleigh to Rome.

I interviewed Audible Worlds’ founder Mike Niederquell about that project last year. On Friday, after much community discussion, Mike announced the next crowdsourced sound library: The “Crowds” Library.

In this post, I’ll briefly describe the crowdsourced project, how it works, and why you may want to join other field recordists worldwide in capturing crowds from your home city.

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LA Sound Group

A quick note: the LA Sound Group has launched a new website:

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SoundCloud Logo Button

I brief update: last year I wrote about SoundCloud groups. That article explained SoundCloud, and how to join sound fx communities there. There are dozens of groups that cover field recording, sound design, and sound fx sharing.

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Spiral galaxy NGC 1232

In a recent blog post, I described my experience lecturing for Edinburgh Napier University.

At the end of the post I shared a thought I had: field recording strengthens when recordists exchange ideas.

I’ll explain more about that today. I’ll also offer one way to accomplish this.

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National Univeristy of Galway, Ireland, courtesy of Martie Swart

I was recently involved with an exciting project: lecturing about field recording for Edinburgh Napier University. I worked with Napier’s Dr. Iain McGregor to talk about capturing sound effects beyond the studio.

I’ve never really spoken about field recording before. I’m comfortable writing ideas, but speaking about them is a completely different matter. I didn’t have much practice, so, I wasn’t sure how it would settle on me.

The result? I really enjoyed the lecture. And, in the process, I had a few thoughts about field recording and community. I’ll share a bit about that, and the experience lecturing, in today’s post. My hope is that some discoveries I’ve made can help you with your own field recordings.

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