I write about field recording, and sharing sound on the Web.

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Field Recording Series

The Field Recording Series features e-books about recording audio beyond the studio. Future books will explore mastering audio and curating sound libraries.


Field Recording: From Research to Wrap

Interested in learning about field recording? Curious about how to record sound effects in cities and the wilderness?

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap – An Introduction to Gathering Sound Effects is an e-book that shares a step-by-step approach to capturing sound clips beyond the studio. It introduces new recordists to the craft, including gear, technique, and tricks to use in the field.

You’ll discover what happens during a field recording shoot, and how to begin your own. And you’ll learn how to record cleaner, compelling tracks effortlessly, and more thoughtfully.


Creative Field Recording

Have you mastered field recording basics? Interested in recording sound effects that convey your style and passion? Do you want to capture lasting sound clips with life and impact?

Creative Field Recording explains how to shape more useful and evocative sound effects. It has ideas on how to make your field recordings strong, meaningful, and fulfilling to capture.

You’ll learn how to gather powerful recordings that convey more than audio alone. With Creative Field Recording your sound library will grow from basic tools into signature sound effects.

Sharing Series

The Sharing Series books explore how to share sound effects clips on the Web.


Selling Creative Sound

Selling Creative Sound - Basic Edition, Nexus 7

Selling Creative Sound teaches you how to build a sound library of powerful sound effects, then distribute them to downloadable sound effect websites. It includes a step-by-step guide that shows you how to research, contact, evaluate, and partner with the best Web shops on the Internet.

You’ll learn how to shape a unique library that sidesteps competition. And you’ll discover how to find valuable partners, and craft the best deal for your collection.


Sharing Sound Online

SSO - iPad Air Black
Sharing Sound Online teaches you how to gather a collection of sound clips into an exceptional “indie” sound pack and share it on your own Web shop. It describes techniques for building bulletproof sound bundles that satisfy fans while fulfilling your own inspiration.

The e-book describes types of Web shops and helps find the best choice for you. It explores the anatomy of Web stores to learn how to craft a solid shop with guidelines for website design, structure, aesthetics, search engine optimization, and much more.

Sharing Sound Online shares a step-by-step method for selling evocative sound libraries from your own home on the Web to help others, find freedom, and embrace your creative expression.

e-Book Combo Pack Bundles

The e-book Combo Pack Bundles collect many e-books for a discounted price.


Selling Sound e-Book Combo Pack

Selling Series Combo Pack

Everything you need to learn how to sell your sound libraries on the Web, including tips for assembling a creative, bulletproof sound library, partnering with the best Web shops, and building your own Web store. This package includes the Upgraded Editions for these book series:

  • Selling Creative Sound
  • Sharing Sound Online


Creative Field Recording Complete e-Book Combo Pack

e-Book Combo Pack Complete

This collection gathers the Upgraded Edition versions of every e-book available from the Creative Field Recording bookstore:

  • Field Recording: From Research to Wrap
  • Selling Creative Sound
  • Sharing Sound Online

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