Sound Effects Article Roundup #4


Dark Park

Here are a handful of sound effects articles, websites, tutorials, field recordings, and free sound fx from the last while that I found interesting.

Articles & Blog Posts

  • A bit burnt out working in sound? In a rut? A brief article in the New York Times examines the difference between hearing and listening. It looks at the distinction by examining how the brain works. Useful for considering sound in an active way.
  • has a small corner carved away for film sound. There are interviews about sound for Lawrence of Arabia, Planet of the Apes, and RoboCop.
  • In an earlier article on Airborne Sound I mentioned that selling (and buying) used books, DVDs, or CDs skirts mechanical redistribution copyright infringement with something known as the first sale doctrine. Companies such as ReDigi made a business from reselling digital media. A new law has changed that, though. This article from The New York Times explains more.
  • Cornell University has recently released their entire sound archive. The library is intended more for research purposes. The site isn’t as fluid as typical a la carte downloadable shops. However, you can’t argue with a 10 GB collection of sound dating from 1929.



Field Recordings

Free Sound Effects

  • Frank Bry gathers all his “free crazy sound effects” in one blog post. All sounds are available for instant download via the SoundCloud links on that page.

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